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Land based sp's Squidgees day and night land based in pyrmont.


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Need some suggestions about hooking a kingy! There is several schools or possibly the same school that has been terrorising bait balls in front of my flat for over 2 weeks. Just seeing them high and low tide, has encouraged me to give sp's a go. As I have always been a bait or live bait angler.

So far they have been chasing what i have chucked out, Some Jacko & Starlo Squidgees (black and gold) look similar to yellow tail and tailor depending on size, metal slices and even plastic off a cigarette packet and foil around a hook.

So far the closest I have got to landing a kingy is hooking a tailor first and in the fight a kingy managed to unhook the tailor or take it completely, leaving me with nothing. I would fish for tailor and use them as live baits but they are fairly rare only the odd school if im lucky per session. Where as the kingys are right there in front of me all day smashing the surface teasing me. HELP!

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All Appreciated advice and currently in action. Unfortunately the kingies daily boiling patch of water 2m from the sea wall is still teasing me beyond belief! However my technique and updated knowledge thanks to you kind gentlemen, is startying to produce rewards.

2 days ago I landed two 60cm flatties with my black and gold squidgess. In seperate sessions. The first, on the low tide,midday. The second, sunset literally on the seawall ( i thought tailor were chasing the squidgee in, turned out a flatty had figured where to ambush and missed several tiemes). Released both. last night i was mucking around in the shallows with the new idea's and landed 9 juvenile tailor in quick concession (guess the whole school had to get involved.)

Another quick questiion ...

Would it be worth my while setting som hooks with garfishb from the fish markets. I read somewhere that kings at this time of year are common around shallows in the harbor especioally where whitebait congregate, But will rarely feed onb them. However, even if they arte once a day. If Garfish are about they become extremly active.

Also is the re a SP or hard body etc lure which imitates garfish?

Cheers once again Guys!

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I don't know of any specific gar lures but your best bet is a stick bait of some sort, have you tried any jerk baits yet? also if they're feeding on the surface then sometimes its worth throwing out a clear pencil stick bait over 70mm.

I've had good success with some jerk baits ripping them through schools of juevie dollies, when they weren't taking other forms of bait.

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