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tough harbour sesh

Krispy !

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Finished uni today at 10 so headed to the harbour for a look to see if anything was around. Only had half a bag of old pillys and 2 rods so wasn't really expecting an unbelievable session. set up abit further down that usual to get out of the wind and started burleying up. Not much happening for the first half hour when finally I hooked up on a pilly cube. After a quick fight up came a small salmon. Quick pic and back he went.


I was running low on bait when I noticed 2 kings come through the burley so I quickly sent down a few cubes but was snubbed. eventually ran out of bait but didn't want to leave without having a proper go at the kings so I got out the squid jig and tried for a squid. After about 45 minutes of no luck finally managed to jag a lollipop sized squid so I sent that out on one rod and kept squidding with the other.


I was casting away and jigging for about 20 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw the line tighten up against the wind and the line start peeling off slowly then stop. (I had the rod in freespool) About 20 seconds later the line started peeling off again but this time much faster so I went over and closed the bail and the rod loaded up nicely. Was using 10lb so had to get the pressure on quick but luckily he swam out not straight under. After about 5 minutes of negotiation I had the king surfaced so had to do a solo net job with net in one hand and rod in the other eventually got him up. Went 65 on the dot so he was coming home.


Tried for another 20 minutes after that for squid but to no avail so packed up and went home. Not a bad result in trying conditions.

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Not a bad result at all! Nice job landing the king on 10lb, I don't know how you do it.

Always sketchy trying to net a fish solo.

Great to see kings around.

Thanks Mike,

10 lb fluro is pretty sturdy so you can give a fair bit of stick, I just make sure all the knots are done 100%

Yeah great to see some kings today can only get better hopefully

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Mate you converted 1 from 1 on the squid and as usual a great result. Great work!

Frankly - its nice to finally see a report thats not about luderick haha

Thanks mate, it doesnt always happen like that but its always nice when the livey gets a hit

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