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Hi raiders,

Have not post or get on raiders for a while due to stupid mistake and health reason

Some may still remember my posts

Now I cannot fulfill my last wish that is to catch a fish bigger than 15 kg. I have not fish for two months and now almost can't get out of bed, I wish you all a happy fishing life and don't take your health for grants as no one know what might happens tomorrow. I don't smoke or drink but contracted deadly cancer with no history in my family.

If I have offended any one then please accept my sincere apology.

Life can be short so look after your love ones and do what you can while you can


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Mate that completely sucks.

No matter what we do in life we offend people, don't worry about the people you offended think of the people you brought joy to.

They are the ones that will always be there for you.

Remember Xsite to always keep that line tight and just keep on fighting it is never over.

May the fishing gods smile kindly on you. R&B

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Although I can see him still—

The freckled man who goes

To a gray place on a hill

In gray Connemara clothes

At dawn to cast his flies—

It's long since I began

To call up to the eyes

This wise and simple man.

All day I'd looked in the face

What I had hoped it would be

To write for my own race

And the reality:

The living men that I hate,

The dead man that I loved,

The craven man in his seat,

The insolent unreproved—

And no knave brought to book

Who has won a drunken cheer—

The witty man and his joke

Aimed at the commonest ear,

The clever man who cries

The catch cries of the clown,

The beating down of the wise

And great Art beaten down.

Maybe a twelve-month since

Suddenly I began,

In scorn of this audience,

Imagining a man,

And his sun-freckled face

And gray Connemara cloth,

Climbing up to a place

Where stone is dark with froth,

And the down turn of his wrist

When the flies drop in the stream—

A man who does not exist,

A man who is but a dream;

And cried, “Before I am old

I shall have written him one

Poem maybe as cold

And passionate as the dawn.”

The Fisherman

By William Butler Yeats

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Sorry to hear of your illness Xsite

There are many people on here in similar situations either old or ill that can't go out to fish.

Fishraider and its members will provide you with many hours of reading past and future posts about all things fishing. Visit us often to keep enjoying your passion of fishing.

Please let us know how you are doing Xsite and some nice posts here raiders

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Hello mate!

I really hope you can pull through this hard time!

Cancer can be overcome so dont give up, my fathers been in remission for 15 yrs after fighting lieukemia.

Stay strong in your mind, its a very powerful thing i beleive.

At the end of the day as scratchie said this life is a moment in time, im sure theres more to our being than what we experience here.

Your spirit is real, your body is a vehicle!

There is more waiting for all of us. Christians, atheists, muslims, doesnt matter.

You are spirit thats all.

Please dont give up yet and good luck my fellow fisher!

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Your post is a real reality check for us all. It puts life’s trials and tribulations into perspective. Considering your age, non-smoker, non-drinking status, and family history you are most unlucky. It is really difficult to comprehend what you and your family must be going through. I am sure many on the forum will be thinking of you, even if we haven’t met you personally.

Thank you for the courage it must have taken to inform us of your sad situation. I hope you have happier time to look back on with fondness. Regards and best wishes.

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Dear Raiders,

Thank you for all your kind words and sympathy.

I can tell you that give up was never in my dictionary, I still believe that I am luckier than many other so I feel very comfortable and peace.

Doctor has prescribed me very heavy pain relieve which made me feel more energetic, less cough, almost no pain, easy to sleep but a little bit dazed.

If this keep up then I may be able to do another trip if wind and wave is small in Botany Bay.

I have been looking for alternative treatment but have not found credible one.

I definitely will be continue to read Raider and have input to wherever I can.

Thanks again


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