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Hawkesbury River


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Went out for a fish with my brother-in-law on Saturday morning. The plan was to anchor up around The Vines and Bar Point and sit out the change of low tide targeting bream.

We anchored up around 7:30 am, and had a quiet hour waiting for the tide to change. As it slowed, we increased the burley rate and the bream started to hit. We got 5 good sized bream, all on chicken gut. Once the incoming tide picked up pace, we hauled anchor and headed over to Sunshine Bay for a flatty drift but no luck.

Head over to the main channel between the two bridges for one last drift home trying to add some flathead to the catch. The southerly had picked up strong by then so we were drifting hard up against the northern side of Long Island. Drifting through one of the known jewie holes, my brother in law thought he got snagged well and truly. He flipped the bail arm open while we reeled the other rods in while still drifting. Drove the boat back to the snag and he realises he’s actually on a fish, and pulls in another big bream which had taken a whole squid.

All up 6 nice sized bream between 30 cm – 40 cms. A nice way to break a very long run of donuts!


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