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Beginner Shark Fishing Advive

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Having fished for the majority of my life, I'm only just discovering the fun of boat & LB game fishing. I'm interested in doing some shark fishing off the beach this summer. 
I'm aiming to target small-medium Sharks around 6ft, with a TLD50 50lb mono. I've gathered a few questions I can't really find answers to, and hoping some experienced fishermen can help.

Will 150lb momoi mono leader do the job?
Do you prefer solid wire or stranded flexible cable?
I plan to kayak my baits out. What's the best anchoring option, running weight or a break-away system?
I was thinking of anchoring a crab float in the area I want to fish and have a burley bag hanging off it. Then coming off the crab float - a bit of line tied to a ballon which is looped on to the leader (breakaway) so the bait is suspended and away from crabs.

Roller or runner? Thimbles on the wear points or Flemished eyes? 


I appreciated the help - Thomas.

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depends on your bait size but iwould use 200/250 lb trace with multi strand at the front joined by ball bearing swivel crimped with thimbles....burley bags and assorted add ons are a recipe for tangles and bustoffs ...kiss..keep it simple stu...learn how to cut baits open and hide the hooks then sew back together with just the points exposed...most guys working of the beach don't use floats...good luck

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