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Bread and butter for dinner again!


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Hi Raiders

I had an awesome day / night yesterday, much needed after a rubbish week at work.

Set off on a 40min drive to the Central Coast to collect my worms on low tide (Birdie Beach), then spent some time with the kids before heading out to Blacksmiths Beach around 5pm with a mate.

Fishing was slow to begin with but it was a cracker of a day so enjoyed the odd fish between relaxing.

I tried a different tactic than usual in fishing the shallow water away from the gutters (difficult to do on this beach normally due to wind & sweep but yesterday was calm).

Got a couple before high tide (7pm) then things picked up from about 8:30 after dark.

It was a fish a cast there for a while however the stingrays moved in and made things difficult, must have caught about 20 of them.

Ended up with a dozen odd for myself, smallest of either species was 30cm.

Cheers, James

Belmont Golf Club 8pm high tide 3 days before full moon, most caught after high tide on flats 13.11.16.JPG

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Cheers Guys.

There's always the option on this beach for the slab bait or pillies for bigger species but I was happy with the strike rate on the worms. Some days conditions are perfect and I don't catch any decent table fish, take the good with the bad - still a great way to spend a few hours.

Cheers, James


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