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Rat kings on bream gear


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Fished off a mates boat out of botany today. Launched at 4.30 am and tried for squid, tough going with 1 landed. Headed out of the bay and trolled hard bodies along the cliffs, soon after had double hook up.....rat kingfish. Noticed loads of fish cruising near the surface. Loaded the light gear with plastics and cast into the school, hooked up nearly straight away. The next hour or so saw us hooking into loads of fish all in the 55-60 cm range. Fishing 2-4 kg bream sticks with 2500 reels loaded with 10lb ensured many great battles, a few fish busting us off on the light gear. Great fun, all fish released quickly and healthy.

Drifted for flathead for only one keeper, plagued by tiny picker flatties. Back in by 12.00. A great day with great company

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