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Gymea bay bath - catching fish with my lunch


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Hi everyone, 1st time post here. I'm here to learn from others and hopefully become a better fisherman. 

Haven't fished much in the Shire, went down to Gymea bay baths on pontoon with my 2 teenagers at 5am yesterday, weather was great, warm, still, with a few sprinkles of rain. Was using prawn n chicken guts, got bites on the prawns, landed a few small bream, all undersized, so tossed them back. Bites had dried up by 9am, and my 2 teenagers, 14 and 18 who know how to catch fish on a video game but can't cast, tie a line or stand the smell of prawns n gut baked by the sun, got 'tired' from waking up at 4am, so went to the car for a nap. 

'My daughter had thoughtfully made us some fried sausage sandwiches, so I took a quick break to munch on one. As the bites had dried up and always willing to try something different, I broke off a piece of the fried sausage stuck it on the line, cast out, and got some nibbles. Then my bait was smashed, rod bent, reeled it in and a nice 40+cm trevally landed ???. My kids came back from their nap n eyes bulged to see the trevally in the bucket...??. Well at least it got them out into the fresh air, away from internet and we all had some fun. 

So....when all else fails, try putting your lunch on the line...???

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