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Captain Cook Bridge 30042021


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Went  out with my mate John,  fished out of my boat on Friday 30 April.

Hawkesbury Park boat ramp at 8.00am and anchored close and south of Captain Cooks Bridge Botany Bay side 

Day before pumped about 50 nippers at at Sandringham.

Tied was last two hours moving to high 

In the first half hour hooked 4 bream undersized...

We only wanted to fish for a couple for hours so did not want to move  ... burlyed up more and added a tin of oily sardines, a  left over from one of my lunches days before I chucked in the freezer.

Next hour I landed 2 bream  largest 30cm and a trevally... my mate John landed a trevally about same size. See pics

Right on high tied ... no more bites so packed up and went home

Not many fish but enjoyed the morning out.

BTW... The 2 trevally I made sashimi that night ,so fresh with soy and wasabi . My mum rarely eats sashimi.. but she said she knows its fresh:D









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