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Hi Raiders, Started fishing from my own boat last June 2016, so fairly new boat is up for 200 hr service. Kicked off with a session with no no no, and got some great pointers on where to target certain fish and bait. Since then I have noticed the charter boats moving around the harbour as the seasons change. I was wondering if there is a fishing almanac that tells me where and when to target different fish species in sydney (I launch from roseville) in particular bait like squid or slimmys and where best to use that bait. And do you raiders think keeping a fishing diary is worth while. Cheers billy


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3 hours ago, noelm said:

Nothing beats doing it, I have yet to catch a fish that had such a thing, or one that could read either, just keep your eyes open and keep maybe a personal log book.

Agree 100% love doing it but as a well known celeb once said no use fishing where the fish aint


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20 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

We have a Landbased section by location. I know it is landbased but it is interesting has target species. Here is an example below and a great landbased map. Let us know if you find an online Almanac  


Thank you very good info

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