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Hawksbury Crabs


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Took the grandkids out for a picnic and a crabbing trip yesterday. It was a late start but the afternoon tide about 3pm looked OK.

Set the witches hats out from Milsons Island as it was close to the western ramp. This ramp seems to be used more for caravans and picnicers now with not much regard for the boat parking spots, but there was plenty of room this time.

While the tide was dropping we did a few drifts and caught a couple of legal flathead and a soapy of which the largest flathead was kept and the other quickly returned.


As there were 2 trawlers working the area I didn't hold much hope for the crabs and i made sure I didn't set them near the trawlers area.

The girls pulled the hats up as the tide eased and we got 4 blue swimmers and a mud crab.

I always return the female blue swimmers and would have returned the muddy if I had realized immediately it was a female. The blue swimmers were a good size.




Did not waut for the low tide as we had a few crabs so had an early return.

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3 hours ago, saltrix said:

I usually set them in 3 to 5 m, but a blubber carried one to 6 m and that one caught 2 crabs, so I think you need to try different depths depending on tide, temperature and location.

Cheers. Hopefully I be posting some pics soon

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I fitted the bow roller on the side as I bring the anchor line in there but as the boat got older I don't use it all the time , I should as it saves the paintwork.

I use a float system as discussed here earlier to bring up the anchor.

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Hi Saltrix,


Do you prefer the low tide as opposed to high?

Not sure if this helps but I have found in relation to weed and blubbers that a half house brick seems to work in securing traps to where you wan't them to be. Cable tie with bait onto hitch and they survive even in the plus 1m differentials .

Were the trawlers working off Milsons?  They were up the derriere end of  mooney a few weeks ago which surprised me  so must be prawn run time.


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Love crabbing. Just trying to sort out a new process off the kayak. In the Hawkesbury I find high tide always better and crab on banks as shallow as 1m. 

Anyone who wants to kayak crab send me a message. Halving gear might be a good solution. 



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