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Hit and miss


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The current stopped running making the kingfish a little tough to fire over the last week or so but still been managing to get at least one keeper for the plate each session.

The fad here has been very hit and miss with every trip for us being a miss so far.

The beakies have been full on one day then full on 80k further south. We did a tough trip Sunday for one very lively little black which my daughter managed a few nice shots of, been plenty of dolphins out wide for her to swim with too. Hopefully she will get a short movie together soon from some of her footage, unfortunately she was without the camera when she got up very close with a big hammerhead and several whaler sharks. Hammerheads have been so shy to try and film underwater, they also spook very easily too.

Anyway just a quick post :D Jon






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Her younger sister did a wedding shoot a couple of years ago at 12 yrs old, she's more of a people person and has taken many awards in photography. She recently won her age group in the worlds most highly prized Moran's art awards and has followers such as Canon, Aus Geo, World Wildlife fund etc. 

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