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Kings and squid jervis bay


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Did a session at jervis bay today. Great fishery. Got 6 legal kings on the 30lb gear and busted off a few times. Water still warm but a bit merky. Got over 30 squid but lost some to the kings. All and all a good day out. 



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A quick tip when squidding in JB, put stinger hooks on the end of your Jag, and use heavier gear than normal.

Nothing like catching live bait, and having a 8-10/0 Decoy Single hook attached to the bottom of your jig ,

ready and waiting for that King to monster your catch ......


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17 hours ago, Wellzy94 said:

I've never seen another method for bleeding fish. How do you bleed them?


I just slice the throat and bend the head back on kings.

It may just be the angle but it almost looks like a 'V' has been cut out of these ones

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Guest Guest123456789

It's a myth you need to bleed most fish. Kings are better left just in the ice slurry then put straight in the fridge. I gill and gut them a few hours before eating. You can get up to 5 days shelf life his way vs 3 days if you get a knife in them early (thus introducing bacteria). Ask any pro who sells kings for a living whether he bleeds them or not. And no the blood won't enter the flesh it congeals in the innards. Added benefit of less interruptions while fishing and less blood on the deck.

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