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When tyres let go


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The age as well. They only have a limited lifespan (about 6 years) and as the tread does not wear out like on your car it is easy to keep them too long. Another thing to watch out for is that they may not be that new when sold. There is a code stamped on them which tells you the year and month of manufacture.

Under inflation is also a big cause of blowouts. It leads to heat build up. If you are anywhere near the maximum load rating then I would put close to the maximum air pressure.


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This happened to me on the previous boat.


On the way up the coast a motorcycle policeman pulled me over saying there was a bulge on the inside of the tyre.  So we promptly found a nearby tyre shop and replaced it.   We did speak about doing the other but they said no real point.

A couple of weeks later heading home the other tyre blew on the way home with damage similar to the pic above.  It was a stinking hot day and I was close to home on the m7.  

The tyre pressures were checked before each trip and were around 60 lb as we figured they had near to the maximum load on them.  

The tyres were around 10 or 11 years old. So I think despite visibly looking good they were past the use by date for each tyre to both fail in the space of two weeks.


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