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Recycling again.


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Doing my bit for land fill with a gas bbq conversion to wood and coal fired I promised a work mate.

Getting there.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgWhy do I always open my mouth?Should cook up a storm when it's finished.

Have to love council pick ups.


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12 hours ago, big Neil said:

Always a good feeling to do something for somebody, that they can't do for themselves. Good onya Fabian. BN

Thanks mate,at least it's nearly done now for him.

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23 hours ago, Rah said:

Very cool Fab. I'm sure your mate will love it. :)

Cheers Tara,he'll love it as he's forever trying to steel mine.

9 hours ago, Roylo said:

Nice job. :D


Love having a BBQ.

Thanks Roylo,It's a tradition in my culture that we have a bbq every weekend.On a plus side I got the young nephew addicted to stick welding as I let him have a crack welding it up.All good fun.

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On 19 May 2017 at 2:42 PM, zmk1962 said:

Excellent job ! ...  hope he invites you for a barbie after all that.




Yeah,It's always bbq night on Fridays,Saturdays and sometimes Sundays mate.

Im working on this one to chuck on the ute and take it with me.image.jpg


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