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Good day all,

Firstly THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post.

I'm new to fishing from a boat , and I normally fish inside botany bay, I was wondering what sort of fish is going to be around in the cooler months in the bay.

am not asking for exact locations , but any information will help for a hook up.

I would like to hook up a few snapper ( if possible) wether its catch n release ,or keepers it works for me , am not out to bag every fish I catch but to have a great time and get a small feed.

Thanks in advance


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One of the most common winter catches would be silver trevally.  Good fun and taste good too.  Mol pt, the drums, oil wharf, the runways.   Burley up and drift lightly weighted or unweighted baits down the trail.   If you are lucky a legal reddie will come up the trail for a look as well. 

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Hey there

i fished botany from my boat for about six months before i got the confidence to head offshore and its a nice place to fish

The most conmon species you will catch during winter in Botany will be salmon, bream, tailor and trevally. 

Snapper will be prolific but most of the bigger ones will head to the inshore reefs in preparation for spawning so you will get tonnes of undersize pinkies hammering your bait. That being said you can still find the occassional legal one mixed in. 

flathead are still around but will need more work to find them and to tempt them to bite, try drifting with bait on a paternoster rig and flicking plastics at the same time to upp your chances. Try Towra point and Wooloware Bay for flatties.

Kingfish are still a chance but certainly not something u should expect. 

all the locations listed by Welster are a great starting point. If your interested in catch and release only u can try the cooks river for all of the above plus jews.


Good luck 

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