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Kayak hairtail


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Hi all,

Ventured out last night in the kayak all rugged up and ready for hairtail. After picking up a few tailor and flaties along the way we anchored up at the hairtail spot (take a guess) and set out the baits.... and put on another jacket :) after a bit of waiting i was onto my first hairtail of the year and my second ever after last year's social. There was much celebrating as we had our first in the esky, no easy task in a yak let me tell you.  The first was closely followed by a second larger fish and with that we had a meal, smiles all round. 

With an occasional bite here or there it quitened up, until i realise my sinking bait is no rocketing off to the west. "That's a funny looking sinking pattern...." i say to myself as i reach for the rod. Flip the bail arm but tangle my leash in the spool.... the line went tight and the line went snap. Bugger, gone with the wind, and a nice fish to. Took the bait on the sink and flew off with it, not like any hairtail bite ive seen.  Maybe a small shark? A little while later i had another solid hookup to what was definitely a hairy, and boy did it feel solid.... for all of 30 seconds before my crimp let go!!!! Anyone know where to buy small crimps (very small) for 20lb wire trace? And with work the next morning, that was all for the night. Paddled back and played with the bio luminescent algae in the water, and man that is really something special.  Pitch black in a kayak, no motor, no speed, just glowing water.  Awesome! Home by 11



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Cheer guys

PaddyT your my hero, thanks heaps.

G.T. i fish with a headlamp, no anchor lights. I keep to the sides and out of the way and make sure people now im around when i arrive. You don't need fixed lights of less than 4m, but you do need a readily available light to signal with 

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Well done Krause, you certainly have my admiration going out in a kayak, in (almost Winter) night time, and taking on those toothy critters. I can imagine how hard they would be to get into an esky, on a kayak. BN

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I also use 20 or 30 lbs wire trace and i bought a pack of 100 size 1 crimps for $8 from Shin Shin in Eastwood. They also have a store in Campsie but I dont know the name. Korean gear is cheaper than Japanese but still good quality.

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