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Something very big on the line


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Ok I must admit I wasn't going to post this but the fact I know a few other anglers who've had similar happen to them must mean its not just a one off.
Headed out alone on the weekend (kids were driving me nuts) with just a light 10 lb outfit in the hope of a couple of snapper. Not having the kids onboard I decided not to take a camera, after all I was just after a few for dinner, not chasing the trophy fish. 
After a 35 min run I was at my favourite snapper spot in just 56m of water, the sounder looked promising with plenty of fish showing. First bait down was grabbed by a fish instantly, this wasn't the species I was after so was instantly returned.
As I stared at the tip of my rod as my second bait just hit bottom I was suddenly shocked to see the water turn white under the boat :eek:. It took a few moments to realise what it was, but as soon as I saw the shape of two humpback whale tales skim across the bottom of the boat I new exactly what they were.
My 10 lb braid instantly started pulling away as entangled the whales tale, not the best feeling knowing how easily thin braid cuts into things. I kept the tension quite low but by this time the whale had noticed (I believe) and turned back at the boat. Incredibly it just came to the side of the boat where it allowed me to unwrap my line from its tail. 
I did have a mobile phone that I thought I had on video mode, which turned out not to be (polarisers make viewing screens very difficult) but I did manage just one photo that I didn't realise Id taken just before it got to the boat. Not a bad sized catch and release on 10 lb:) must admit it took some time for my legs to stop trembling after that.
I would hate to think what might happen if one was to get tangled in a anchor line.
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That is a once in a lifetime experience truly ! U really cant appreciate the beauty and size of these animals until u see them up close in person.

i had one surface for air some 6 weeks back next to the boat wnd scared the life out of me ???

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That's an amazing story Jon D. You and your family should seriously consider writing a book with the wonderful things you've all seen and done on the water. What's the marine equivalent of a "horse whisperer"? BN

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JonD,? i wasnt going to post this but.... M8 its agreat time of year to fish and whale watch, i reckon the return run is better but can be a bit funny at times especially with the juveniles. 

 We hooked one last year on the return run, two whales, mother and calf popped up out of nowhere next to the boat. Next thing rod goes off, whale legs it, turns to port at a rate of knots and thats it, alls good , except exhange of undies needed. Havebeen jigging at the 12 with four around the boat and not a problem lol. 

 M8 its a great experience and you wont forget it. I think they are fantastic and their return in numbers is good. They are a powerful animal that can do damage to boats. The best footage i have seen are two sailors in Hamilton  Island anchored up, 2 juvenile humpys come by and one grabs the anchor rope. They then proceed to tow the.yacht for miles each taking turns , one would drop the rope the other would pick it up. Ends up with the bloke scrambling forward with a hatchet chopping the rope!



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