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On the cooks with the master himself


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After a chance meeting with mr and mrs swordfisherman at work, and a quick chat about fishing, numbers were exchanged and plans made to catch up for a fish.

After a quick go back and forth about what to target and where, it was decided to hit up the cooks, targeting a long time goal of mine, jewies.

Hit the cooks early, just missing the storm and rain, we were off and the weather was perfect, not to mention tide, moon etc.

The guru himself was very confident that we were in for a good day, but after 10 casts at the first spot, swordie was getting annoyed that we hadn't caught a jewie yet, so we moved to the next spot, and mixed between these spots.

A foul hooked blurter managed to raise hopes of finally nailing that first jew, but those hopes were soon dashed.

We changed up for awhile chasing bream, with swordie laughing after I told him the cracker bream he caught was the biggest I had seen.


after switching between chasing bream and jewies, and not catching much, swordie decided it was time to hit the jews again, and lucky he did, after a few cast, I was onto a cracker, and after some great boat manouvering from swordie, my first jew was on board, and a massive smile was on my face. After some pics, a few fist pumps, and my first jew was back on his way to catch another day.

I have to thank swordie for taking me out today, and an even bigger thank you for getting me into my first jew, your coaching of technique and general teaching is greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the long winded report!


Another pic





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Well done mate!

That's a beautiful fish for your 1st. It will take the pain out of your ears from listening to Stewy all day LOL!

Another Jew for the floating green Tupperware container! I do miss fishing on it. It's been too long.

Congrats again.

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Congratulations Jonno on a cracking first Jewie.......on soft plastics too.

Always a fun day on the Cooks with Stewie, Laughing that he mentioned food, You'll learn.

I tend to keep mine close and hand out a bit at a time, Kinda like a reward system. Ha!

Well done boys.


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1 hour ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Swordie seems to rate his crew on their food offerings

I can do good food .....


Lol.....I make a mean Vegemite on toast :) 

Congrats jonno! Great first jewfish mate! Stewys a top mentor and knows the cooks like the back of his hand! Good to see him take the photo for a change! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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2 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Swordie seems to rate his crew on their food offerings

I can do good food .....


Lol, he is unjustly taking you for granted Donna. 

Well done guys, awesome photos and report.

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