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Barra Duck broken


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Hi All


I got the chance to head up to Darwin to chase the Barra. Last year was a "dry" wet season and that meant that the Barra were hard to find. I ended

up with a treble in my hand and not much else. This year, there was plenty of water so the run off was promising to be excellent. We arrived at a very

nice look boat ramp on the Daley River and proceeded to drive 3 hours down stream to the mother ship.




Then we were off fishing. I managed to get my first ever Barra, a 50 cm. Quick photo and back in the water


Then over the next few days, I caught some more including this 65cm keeper



Very happy with that. Managed to get a few new species on my list, including a 3 1/2 metre lemon shark, a parrot fish and a tricky snapper.



There is a nice spot called Red cliffs where we tried trawling. Got on to a couple of nice Barra, but ended up losing them and half a dozen lures when they

took off around the rocks. Still Its a nice looking place.



Anyway, I had a great time and hoping to get back there next year.

thanks for reading!




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Sounds like a great adventure and a successful trip! Good to break the duck, then you start to enjoy the fishing a bit more. A good selection of other species there as well and looks like the conditions were pleasant as well.

SImilar species to what I caught on a trip to Weipa a few weeks ago. That 'parrot fish' looks like a black spot tusk fish - top quality eating and they fight hard for their size.



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Great report mate. That entire experience is on my bucket list, but unlikely to happen. Your report emphasises just how good these trips can be. Great photos too! Cheers, BN

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