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That first Jewie


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Hello people and welcome to my probably (and hopefully) most helpful thread to me and fellow raiders I've created in my time in fishraider. Tackling that first jewfish. I probably need to know everything. I am landbased and I have a rod and a location. I have access to live and fresh yakkas on location. Please help here guys since I literally have little to no idea. What rig? What tide? What moon phase? What size hooks and sinkers? How heavy leader? Literally everything. Thanks guys

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wow  big question..beach ?  rock ?  estuary ?   more info would help us give you more info...I spent a lot of years fishing the breakwall at Stockton Newcastle..i caught jew on most moon phases tide being more important..that said  we caught more fish on quarter moon than full as the tides are smaller and less flow..the myth of full moon is bulls@#t as I caught bugger all on the full..four days before  four days after and mostly every night in between if you spend the time..an hour before dark till three after or same in morning..change of tide coinciding with dark is best...saying that I have caught 20kg jew in middle of afternoon while setting up and minding spot for evening..we used to fish livies exclusively..now we use whole dead squid and get more bites and better hookup ratios...this is for estuary breakwall..it might not be same for your choice of venue..but the basics are same....tackle is dependant on location..we use 50lb overheads and 6or 8oz leads..7/0 or 8/0 hooks 80lb trace...different sites different tackle...give more info to the other FR readers and im sure there will be more info forthcoming..hopefully my comments or others will help...rick

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Oh sorry, I meant on the beach. How would I rig up a whole squid? I saw a guy on YouTube catch a 30kg Jewie on squid rings. Thanks 

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Whup! Estuary? No, beach
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1.  keep a diary.  Eventually youll have enough data to not waste time chasing them.  Believe me it actually works  

2.  read any article in magazines or online about them,  They are published for good reason, though you will figure out after 30 or so that its not gospel.  All depends on your choice of estuary.  

3.  Bait - fresh/live - yakkas, squid, mullet, i prefer using whole baits but a lot of people use strip baits with much success.

4.  Rigs - a simple 6/0 - 8/0 live bait hook for live yakkas is all that you will need.  Depending on where youre fishing 30-60lb leader, about 70cm is plenty.  I use fixed snells for whole squid bait (and live yakkas also), i use 6/0 - 8/0 gamakatsu occy circle hooks for my snells.

5.  Be prepared for long cold nights with nil fish when you start, dont give up!!!! 

There is a pinned post that will tell you most of what you need to know, and will give you a great idea of what you should be doing.  One day mate, you will realise that jewie fishing is not for the faint hearted and you wont tell anyone about your spot "x" hahahaha

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