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south west rocks


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Quick report 

spent the last 5 days up here with son and grandkids 

Fishing was slow in the river till we found the fish.  Had some good catches between us.  Flatties whiting beam and moses perch. 

Released flathead including a 78cm fish 

Good fun fishing 


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Wasn't many mackerel etc coming in from outside. A few marlin were being seen not many caught from what I could tell.

Whiting, bream and some flatties on nippers. Also used live herring and soft plastics for flatties and perch.

My grandson cast a SP for 3 hours 1 day for a throwback whiting and flattie and finally his hard work was rewarded with a 47 cm flattie.

The grand kids eat nearly as many fish as they catch. Had fish 4 nights in a row then they had a break, sausages was there choice for tea.

All fish were caught using lightweight 2kg mono outfits in water less than 50cm deep.(except perch on bait jig while catching herring)


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