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First legal kingfish!


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Had a couple people down the south coast house over the Chrissy break and once everyone had left we had one thing in mind.. catching some kings 

So on this day we woke up real early 

4am start 

On the water by 5.30am 

But 8am we had what we thought would be plenty enough squid for the day.. little did we know as soon as we arrived at our spot the first squid was taken in seconds 

Excitement through the roof 

And once agian it’s a little rat 

By they were firing so eventually 

After 2 years of teaching ourselves from online videos and knowledge from page such as this one , putting in countless hours , hundreds of dollars on both tackle and fuel , how to catch squid , how to catch yalkks and most importantly learning where and when the kings will be 

And going through RAT AFTER RAT! 


me and my best mate 

Finally broke our first legal kingfish

And it was all worth worth the wait catching a total of 18 kings 


3 legal total 





Now it’s time to land a legal king in the hacking 

Cheers tdogz 





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great report..kings are starting to come back in good numbers now..bigger ones are still hard to find..i don't know where they all go once they reach legal????but,rats are great fun on light line and will keep you busy for ages...hope you can improve youpb next trip..rick

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Good report Tdogz, the legal kings are hard to come across. Next time you’re in the hacking tell Brenton to give me a call and we’ll try and hook up for a session. Keep searching!! Hopefully we get to hear of more catches.

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