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Lure fishing for pelagics


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Hi guys,

I've recently started fishing with lures. Mostly flatties and breams so far. I'm really hoping to catch my first kingfish on lure over this long weekend. I'm a novice when it comes to lure fishing for pelagics. Any tips on gear/lure/spot/time will be appreciated.

I will be fishing from the land. Prefer less challenging enviornments. But I will go where the fish are  :)

Thanks in advance.

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The Orca Stickbaits are first class for the Kingies fellow Raider especially the black and silver 58gram always my go to lure, whether off the rocks or offshore

Also heavy jigs work a treat too just make sure you tighten that drag when that hit comes you wanna stop those dirty fighters before they reach cover! :fisher: plus the bonus of the jigs is if you dont hook up or if you drop the fish you can just keep the action going and find his friends!

Tight Lines!

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