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botany bay...never leave your mobile in your pocket when fishing


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hi raiders

thought i share with you what happened to my mate recently

he decided to chase kingys recently with his son at botany bay

caught some live bait at molli and went to his fav spot

rigged one yakka on float and one to the bottom

the spot was less than 10m deep near the rocks

hooked the first kingy on the yakka on the float and measured 67cm so a quick pick and then straight on to the esky

2nd hook up was a very fat aus salmon so after a good fight salmon went back to fight another day

3rd hook up was another kingy fought longer and measured 81cm

got quiet so mate decided to spin lures to kill time

while spinning one of the rod with the live yakka went off so mate put the rod with lure down on the side and grab the other rod to fight whatever took the live bait

another salmon took the yakka and while my mate was removing the hook he noticed that the rod with the lure is missing and quickly drop the other rod with the salmon to check for the missing rod

he saw the missing rod slowly sinking on the side of the boat so he quickly jump off the boat to retrive the rod that was slowly sinking in the water

he was able to get the rod back and so he was very happy that he didnt lose that gloomis combo

while he was setting up for another live yakka he realised that his mobile phone was still in his pocket so he quickly check it and the phone was off

tried to on the mobile phone but no success so he decided to keep on fishing as what we always do lol

took the mobile phone to samsung the next day and was told that it cant be fix so thats at least $700 to get a replacement

his gloomis combo is worth around $600 so the big question was was it worth it???!!!

the answer was he rather lose the mobile phone rather than the combo lol

at the end of the day his wife got him a new iphone x so he was happy

got a new phone plus he still got his gloomis combo

thanks for reading

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Lucky to get that rod back! Shame about the phone but i think id jump in too if it had all my fishing pictures on it!  I lost a phone from my chest pocket leaning over to gaff a fish and had to painfully watch it flutter down through the water with the screen flickering into the abyss :(

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6 hours ago, sydney south said:

I would say that it was the correct choice.

Always easier to tell the wife that you need to replace the phone than try to explain that you need a new rod and reel.:D

Just put up with the yelling for a few days, and buy a new rod and reel.  :D:D:D

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Looks like a good session.

I've got a phone at Long Reef, lost it out of a shirt pocket when I lent over the side to thaw out a block of pillies. If it was a choice between saving rod and reel or phone, I'd save the tackle any day.

Not that I own any tackle, I told my wife I'm just minding all of it for mates!! The trick is never declare which mate so she can't compare notes with their wives!!

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A phone can easily be replaced however, a man's rod is irreplaceable.

Sounds like a solid session and yet another interesting story for the books. Nicely done.

Even though the rice trick does work, it usually corrodes the wiring, as kingie chaser has mentioned. Like rickmarlin62 suggested, best to keep it in a little sandwich zip lock bag (I double up, in case) - saved my butt many a times - just avoid leaving it in a heated area i.e. direct sun - the moisture builds up.

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