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Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy


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Looked at the tides yesterday arvo, bottomed out around 1700 so decided to head south of Wollongong and hit my favourite spot, the river fishes well on the last hour of the run out. My son and I went to a local rock pool and gathered a heap of bait and he made a burley mix (which ended up being worth more than its weight in gold I found later on). We arrived and my son started the burley, nice balls of weed n sand dissolved on the water and showed me the run out was still going. 

I cast out and no sooners does the weed hit the water I see my float vanish, I set the hooks and pull in a 20 cms baby blackie, let him off cast again 10 cms blackie, let him of cast again and WHACK, 30 cm models this time.....I started to fish the deeper whole and got on to the larger ones. This went on for 30 mins with a total of 20 fish caught with 4 in the keeper net then I get hit by a monster. The fight lasts 5 mins resulting in the line snapping or the hook unthreading (which I would find odd given the fish it caught previously) and the force threw my line in the air creating a Christ almightly know. I spend the next 30 mins trying to fix then decided to cut it off and start again.


By the time I restarted the flow had stopped and we were in the lull of the tide. I got two more keepers and decided to head to a spot that fishes well on the rise.  AS per the first spot jnr starts the burley I cast out.....no drift. 10 mins later the tide is rising fast as is the drift and I am getting very very slow downs....I set the hook and the fish are on, I drop two and land two around the 40 cm mark. The beach side fish are more decided in their bites, slower in the down but huge!. Each fight is a fight for my balance and to steer the fish away from the rocks. I had 8 by this stage.......my PB for a take home I wanted to make it to 10 and the fish were there and I had bait and a little daylight still. I loaded up a cast and hear SNAP. The Wilson RFB 1206 Snapped near the hand grips. The line wasn't caught when I cast nor was the rod tip or any other part. I was gutted, 2 short of my pb and my favourite rod destroyed!.


I have heard of blokes keeping rods for decades and was hoping to keep the Wilson for just as  long. I don't believe they make the RFB 1206 anymore, they had a one or two piece 10 footer but its not the same.


What would be a suitable replacement?

I have already re rigged my Gary Howard which is a great rod but id like a good spare and a single piece. The GH has caught many fish for me and if I was to destroy that some how id lose my sh@#@$t.


All in all it was a great trip and my son loved it. I have him a go when I hooked a small one and he said that was his favourite part. I want to teach him some casting next time but with a kids rod.

Thanks for reading




I have already re-rigged my G 

Luderick 1.jpg

bait boy.jpg

Luderick 2.jpg

luderick 3.jpg

wilson 1.jpg

wilson 2.jpg


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What a great report Steve. Some very solid fish there mate. Great that your son got in on the act too, making up the berley bombs. The only downside was your rod but I'm sure you'll get another to fill the gap and get back to what you do best. Thanks for sharing your story, bn

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Would a "Mag Bream" do the job?  There are 2 lengths available.  Maybe slightly heavier line rating to your old rod.  3 - 6 kg  think.

If not you might HAVE To (ha ha ) replace your old rod with 2 new rods.  A mag bream plus an ultra light 2-3 kg 9 foot stick.
Not sure if they make "CR 108 XLs" any more.

Good luck.


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