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Wading shoes


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So I’m getting into soft plastics more and as I’m boatless that means some wading. In the last couple of weeks I haven’t been wearing anything on my feet but after a nice oyster cut and seeing a few sting rays I’ve decided shoes are in order. 

What does everyone else wear, joggers? Those reef shoes from Kmart etc? Dive boots? 

Was thinking those neoprene dive boots now the temperatures will start to drop over winter??



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$20 reef walkers from the place where you have b c fing fun. I’ve worn them on coral reefs in Fiji, New Caledonia and Hawaii. They hold up well and are cheap to replace. I fish barefoot in the boat (except mid winter) but keep a pair in the locker for those times where I have to drag the boat around near rocks.

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Crocs are OK but I find they get sand in them which can chafe.  I prefer dive booties that come just above the ankles with decent sole to keep sand out and protect ankles.       Ron

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Thanks I think I’ll go with solid soled dive boots, the price was similar to crocs and the Shimano only no sand ! Couldn’t think of anything thing worse than Sand in my shoes !! Also extra insulation at 6mm as I get cold feet easily 

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