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Flint and Steel


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Hi Raiders,

So today I went out to Flint and Steel hoping for a good feed. Equipped with livies, prawns and squid we casted and waited. And waited... and waited. Not a single bite. I just need some tips guys. Like where exactly should you anchor, what rig, best time and tides.

Come on raider I need you help


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@HawkesburyFisho think like a fish. They are essentially opportunistic and don't want to waste unnecessary effort to get their food.

They will lie in eddies out of the current waiting for food to wash past them rather then fight the current and expend energy. 

Do you have a sounder on your boat? 

Have you located the drop-off and reef. 

Think incoming tide and where do you want to place your boat so that you're lines end up where the fish are most likely to be. 



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