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The de”fin”itive trip!!!


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Gday all, 

just logging in to see if there’s anyone with a capable boat that may need a hand during the week on the hunt for yellowfin?

ive got my own boat and been out to 12 mile from port Jackson couple times but gotta pick my days and once there can’t exactly smoke the fuel off on the troll.

also don’t have live SST’s etc.

im an English fella with lots of experience, plenty of sea hours and common sense. Did my coxswains in NSW and have worked as a deckee on fishing charters for marlin out of port jackson and reefies out the hacking. 

Decided last minute I wanna get in on some action and hook up a fin or even a jelly bean last minute so just putting out the 👋🏻incase anyone wants a mate onboard to share costs and hi fives!!

gimme a shout if so,





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