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Port Hacking - something to take home


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Headed out early this morning near Lilli Pilli. Not much happening, a few small reddies but none legal. Again no yakkas or pillies to catch.

The flattie took a strip of salted tuna. The jewie took a squid strip and put up a good fight on a handline. Also pulled out another jewie around the 60 mark, released to grow bigger.

Tried spinning a lure near Gymea Bay for nothing, only saw one fish splash near me during that time so headed home.

I threw out a line at my mums place and pulled out the bream on a piece of tuna. A chunky bream that weighed 2.75 pounds (on the old scales). It was released to grow bigger again.



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5 hours ago, SaltyGreek said:

Nice bream! Bet he put up a good fight

He took the line around a neighbour's mooring pole, but luckily the line did not fray or break.

5 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great report.

Thank you.

1 hour ago, Scratchie said:

That is an old man bream there, nice release.  That jewy will go down treat to yowie! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

Thanks Scratchie. It is an old bream, had a big mouth on it with big peg like teeth up the back. If you were a little crab heading down it's gob, you would have the shite crushed out of you. :lol:

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4 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

If I was to spend 5 hours on the water to catch just 3 fish like that then I would becoming home extremely happy 😁

About 3 hours. It was quiet but I'm happy with the result.

I looked up Dr Google, and the bream could be 30 to 40 years old. If that is correct, it is a rather old fish.

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Great report once again Yowie.

I’m also lucky enough to have access to a deep waterfront in Yowie Bay and see Bream off the front all day everyday along with Kingies

What’s your rig setup to catch them as they are both very fickle for me?



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Usually better at night for the bream, however, during the day after I return from fishing and clean the fish, I cut off the fillets and throw the carcases into the water. Not too deep or the bream will drag the carcases away.

I usually use a belly strip from the fish I fillet and hook it up on 15 pound mono and a size 2 bait holder hook. I throw it out (no sinker) and let it sink amongst the feeding bream. Sometimes one will take the bait, other times the little ones reach it first.

Let the bream run with the bait for a short distance, then hook up. 15 pound line might sound heavy to you, but if you hook a decent bream, quite often it will head for rocks or mooring poles and snag up.

With kingies, they have a mind of their own, and in shallow rocky water, sometimes that is where they will swim, straight around the rocks.

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