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New Year’s Resolution - Gear Sale


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Dear fellow Raiders...

I am posting this with a heavy heart indeed...😢

I love fishing and everything that comes with it... but I am done in 2020. This is taking up too much of my time. I am struggling to keep up with the everyday things: maintaining the house, mowing lawns, fixing things, even basic hygiene, so something has to give. I have decided to get rid of my gear.

Below is a list of what's available all in immaculate condition. Serious enquiries only, and please don't insult me with low offers.

Thanks for reading and understanding...


1. Lawn mower

2. Grass trimmer

3. Lawn edger

4. Garden blower

5. Hedge trimmer

6. Chainsaw

7. Shovel, spade, rake, shears and secateurs

8. Drill

9. Grinder

10. Orbital sander

11. Vacuum cleaner

12. Broom, mop and bucket

13. Spanner set, socket set

14. Hammer, timber saw, hacksaw

15. Files, chisels, nail punches

16. Paintbrushes and rollers

16. Assorted screws, nuts and bolts

17. 10 microfibre cleaning clothes, unused

18. 3 x bath towels, barely used

19. Shaving razor and foam, barely used

20. 6 x pairs of Calvin Klein briefs, size M, maybe worn once.

All reasonable offers considered.

Anything helps for new equipment 😂

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