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Sydney pier 8

James  Clain

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Went fishing at pier 8 yesterday. After getting the 4 o'clock train from Penrith and going to Clifton gardens wharf - landed nothing and only saw 2 bonito Watsons leaping caught and a few good sized Trevally. Decided to change and fish at pier 8 so quickly got an Uber in a nice Tesla model s who was not very happy to have 3 stinky dudes with about 5 fishing rods loaded into his car. 

Pier 8 was also really slow but slightly better than Clifton. caught a blue ring octopus on small piece of yakka. Then some other mates turned up with a bucket of mini live prawns. Started fishing the smallest ones them on a small size 8 hook with 12lb line for Trevally and bream when on my first drop thought I snagged the bottom when the reel started screaming, almost got spooled when I managed to just get the drag tight enough to turn the fish when i had about 10 metres of line left. Managed to reel it in when it forced me to go along the pier under every fishing line when it suddenly went down and into the pylons snapping the line before I could open the bail arm. Definitely a kingie after that manoeuvre.

Shame that had to happen on the 12lb setup and not the Saragosa 25000. 

Also finished the video after serious internet trouble of my previous fishing report.


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10 minutes ago, Blackfish said:

Now thats dedication. 

Great effort there James.

Thanks, I actually get on in the mountains which meant leaving home at 3:20, I love fishing to much to go later and fish less. Especially when I live so far away from the sea or any water with fish bigger than bass.

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