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Summer Drummer


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Headed down to the Northern Beaches rocks yesterday arvo as the swell had finally dropped enough for a fish. Tried last Tuesday but while the swell wasn't that high it still had a lot of power and was sweeping over the rock I like to fish off so I had to can it  that day.

There was still a bit of colour in the water but it was definitely clearing up. I started burleying with bread and prawn heads left over from Christmas (kept in the freezer since then). First cast I was onto a big bream of round 37cm. He took a bread bait.

Then lots of nothing. A few kelpies and wirrah for an hour or so.

When I wasn't concentrating enough I thought I'd got snagged but it turned into a 'moving rock' - a lot of weight and couple of tail beats and he'd wrapped me round a rock and as soon as I put pressure on the leader cut on a barnacle. Almost certainly a drummer. Bugger.

As the tide started rising and it got a bit darker around 6:00pm the activity improved with some better bites. I tried a peeled prawn and bang was straight onto a good fish, he had a lot of weight and went straight for the underside of the rock ledge so I'm thinking a good drummer or maybe a groper. I lent heavily on the rod to get him out and up into the wash and up pops a big drummer. Mercifully a small wave provided enough wash for me to get him onto the rock beside me. The fish went 49cm and was very fat , I'd guess around 3kg.



A short time later I tried a large bread bait as I'd run out of prawns . A gentle bite then weight had another good pig diving for cover. I didn't give him enough straight away and he had me under a rock and the line chaffed through. Bugger bugger.

Anyway two nice fish to go home with after a long time since my last trip to the stones.



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