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Hii fisho’s i really need help catching my first jewie in sydney. Ive tried so many time to catch a land based jewie in sydney but i never seem to get it right i really need help with tips with jewfish rigs and areas/spots where i can prehaps hook onto my first jew 

cheers: BallisticFisherman 


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There are many places around Sydney to catch a Jew, it can take years to catch one but if you read up & research all the information available on fishraider the net & fishing books & magazines with known spots & pick one & then fish it at various tides, moon phases, & times of day & night. Find a place that has bait fish or concentrates it at various stages of the tide. One bit of advice given to me was find a place that has a 3 way intersection eg a bay running off the main part of a river, the river is the highway & they use the tide to travel it, the bay or its edges hold & congregate bait, If you do the research & study there behaviour you will be rewarded 

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