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Spare wheel holder


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Hi All,


Been pretty crook the past year so haven't been very active however finally got another boat which I'll be using to hit up Lake Mac. Only fished lake Mac once so I'm pretty keen to get to know the area so I can start chasing Jews of a night.


Anyway the reason for the post is I'm after a spare wheel bracket to mount onto my trailer. I have looked at the ones at a shop but they have pretty poor reviews so hoping someone has a recommendation on brand?


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What about getting a T bar or plate fabricated to sit between the winch post & the bow of the boat, it could be clamped to the trailer & have wheel studs attached for fixing the spare to, or you  could try the caravan & trailer guy in erina on the central coast highway he has a good range of spares & if not might give you the right advice, I’ve found him to be reliable 

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@Belligero there are a quite a few options, it really comes down to what suits you & how much you want to spend.

It can be a full wheel bracket with stud bolts like these-

They can vary from $60 to $150






These types are the more exy versions.

Or it can be as simple as a $10 ubolt like this



I went with the cheap & simple $10 U bolt & placed the spare flat on the trailer between the winch past & the bow, I had to some adjusting on mine as my jockey wheel is also behind the winch post on the boat side but I made it fit & it works.

I just use a thick bicycle cable lock wrapped around my spokes & the trailer as I didn't have any spare chain, but regardless of what you use if someone wants to steel it they will.


All these can be found via google from most boat spare retailers.

If you want or need some links just PM me & I will send them through.


Good luck & happy fishing

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I like the idea of having a spare attached to a hub. Maybe over kill on a smaller boat where you could even just store the spare in the back of the car. 


The spare on the hub gives you, wheel studs, bearings as well as the spare wheel. I guess you gotta figure out how to stop the wheel from spinning



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On 4/17/2020 at 11:53 AM, Hill373737 said:

I ended up going the simple u-bolt route to put a spare on my trailer - works well although the rim traps some water and needs a repaint every now and then to stop rust.


Same set up as me 👍

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