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yakking the Macleay


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With magnificant weather at the moment and hearing there's loads of bonito in the lower Macleay river at the moment thought I'd give it a go from the kayak. Launched at SWR early to fish the run in tide, the tide was really pouring and it was a tough paddle downriver looking for bust-ups, wasn't long before a paddock of fish started busting first cast and on, a bit of a tussle....


a leaping bonito, a good start to the morning, the fish disappeared as quick as they arrived so kept slogging on aiming for some busting fish that seemed to get further away eventually reached them quite a few fruitless casts and switched to a smaller lure on a light outfit and straight away, it was quite the teeth gnashing fight on 6lb braid and a bream rod but finally 

a little mack tuna, they go hard for their size, 

after that a couple of boats arrived determined to troll them by running right through the middle and of course the fish vanished, so with that started floating back with the tide, came to a creek mouth and the fish were busting again, cast in the middle and on again, they really are something else on the light gear and strong current gettting down deep 


got a mix of leaping bonito, this one was hooked awkwardly so it was safer to paddle to shore to dehook, 


and mack tuna, they were really keyed in on the small baitfish, after a couple of hours and my arms falling off headed into shore.

Heading for home pulled up at one of my jack spots hoping to tangle with a late season satan, third cast get monstered after some fancy rod work I reel in half a tree


with a solid mid 40's black-spot attached  

try another tree and right at my feet it gets nailed


another solid black-spot to finish the session, fishing certainly isn't "passive exercise"

hopefully get out again in the next couple of weeks 

cheers for reading 





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