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Port hacking wed


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Fished the edge of the deeper water near lilli pilli. Encouraged by yowie's catch (and release) of not quite legal jewies had a go for them this morning. First problem too hard to get out of bed early, so left the ramp at 630 am instead of 530.

Caught a couple of pilchards and put them out, took 40minutes to get chewed to pieces. Had a squid grab a salted fish strip dropped a jig down caught it straight away. Used squid pilchard and salted fish strips but still no jewies. I think yowie frightened them away. Did manage a bream, whiting and some jackets.

9 am headed outside to chase some flathead, had my bag limit of 10 by 10 am. Headed back into the river and didn't catch anything so called it a day at 12 o'clock. 


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Quite a nice feed there Bruce. Looks like a trumpeter whiting, along with a fantail jacket and yellow finned ones. Will have a look outside Friday. hopefully.

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Hi Dave 

Had a look and yes it is a trumpeter whiting caught it while I was fishing with small squid baits for jackets. Just noticed it seemed to have a slightly deformed head when I caught it. I'll plan another trip for Tuesday at this stage.

Rebel   I don't claim to be a photographer so I just take pictures of fish thanks for the very kind coment.


Certainly a nice feed had jackets and squid last night with a couple of blackfish fillets from Tuesday. Another feed to go plus some fillets for the freezer


Yes didn't take long at all, flathead were 38-48 cms. I have found they are quite thick out there at the moment and can get 10 in an hour easily. Haven't come across any jackets outside lately and luckily no toads.

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