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good end to Autumn

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Hit the river today with my good mate trying to crack some bream. It wasn't looking overly promosing at the start with a pretty much dead low tide and fairly cold wind. We headed up river hitting some edges that ususally produce with small crank style hardbodies for zip. Change in tactics to a 2.5 inch zman grub wasn't long before it was eaten by what I assume to be a big flathead ended up getting chewed off. 

With a bit more confidence we both started casting grubs and didn't take long to start landing fish a couple of miniscule bream and big eye trevs, we kept working the timbered edges and while cranking the plastic in for a recast get a proper take, called it for a trev straight away


a nice little GT to get the day going properly, we kept working the edges with steep banks and deeper timber and the bream started to improve


The quality of fish was better than ususal 


there were lots of mishits because the fish were ust sucking the plastic in rather than belting it subtle twitches of the plastic on the bottom seemed to be doing the trick. 

put a cast right up in the shallows and watched the lure get eaten the fish took off at speed thought it must have been a posessed bream 


turned out to be a better quality big-eye, we kept getting plenty of small bream, the water was really clear which doesn't happen very often up that far so we managed to scout a few rock bars for jack season. We  came along to some really good deep timber a sure enough the lure was monstered didn't take long to realise it wasn't a bream


A better GT, they certainly go hard on the bream gear, continuing along the bank the hits kept coming thick and fast mostly small fish but every so often a solid take 

P1010152.thumb.JPG.3de7e22242988a52ab7395bde6f472c8.JPGthe quality of bream kept improving we come to some more timber and Andrew puts a miscast that snags before we go in to retrieve it he sugests I put a cast in and of course it gets nailed


ended up being the biggest for the day a really thick mid 30's bream, 

as the tide turned the fish started to slow down although we still caught plenty more small bream and a couple of flatties the days tally ended up around 40 fish between us, all released 

hopefully with winter the big bream will start to appear in numbers 

cheers for reading 



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