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More Sydney Kings - had the harbour to ourselves


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Fisho buddy (and fellow finch breeder and ecologist) Peter and I headed out to hit the kings in the harbour after 3 weeks of mid week work and being tied to fishing weekends only 😞.

The day started slowly with crystal clear water and Yakkas very hard (only got 9 in total after over an hour of trying several spots - even Sow and Pigs, which is usually alive with Yakkas), fortunately squid / cuttlefish saved the day and the Kingies got to taste their favourite food (with a 6/0 “hoodlum” attached. They weren’t big and mostly rats, with only one going over 70cm.

It was a showery day, but only sighted several other boats braving the conditions - very different to the weekends.

HINT - I have been fishing much lighter lately with 20lb, 8 carrier braid  and 20lb Fluor leader attached - FG knot with no sinker and drifting the bait down in the current. Today I boated 2 kings on this rig. I did get “smoked” by a thug that speared me into the reef and busted me off, but getting many more hookups. I’m finding if they are lead out with the MinKota into deeper water and fought where they have further to go to get to structure, the better chance of getting them to the net. GENTLY, GENTLY seems to work and is heaps of fun.



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Have noticed a few times that if you go lightly on the kings, and can motor out to deeper water with less rocky snags, you will have a better chance of landing them. Not much good though if you are anchored.

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