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fishraider collab

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With my reports from the last few weeks one of ou younger members sends me a message saying he'll be in the area and asking where he can find a GT, it was a no brainer to take him upriver to try and find a GT even managed to swindle the day off so we had plenty of time.

We hit the water on gentlemen's hours the air was still a bit frosty and the water a balmy 14.6 degrees, but with a good run out tide we wasted no time shooting upriver, we started out casting the edges and didn't take long for bream to start coming aboard


I got a couple of average bream to get the day moving, James managed to break the doughnut with a nice whiting, always a relief when when the doughnut is broken.

Worked our way along to some decent trees where Amy got dusted a couple of weeks ago, James puts a cast in and gets belted with no hook-up he puts another cast straight back in and it's eaten again this time it stays connected, the fish gave him hell and after a good run around James had his GT in the net


the high fives and fist pumps were going, a quality GT I reckon I was every bit as pumped as young James.

We continued on our drift catching a few smallish bream and flatties, the bite was tough but we kept persisting and James had another solid take called another trev this time it took a good run at high speed and again after a good battle which was fun to watch 


James had his first big-eye in the net and a cracking 42cm which actually bests my own pb,

to restore some dignity I managed a half decent big-eye shortly after


we did manage a couple more small bream but the bite was slow so we decided to shoot downriver and cast som,...e bigger lures to hopefully find a decent flathead or cod. Sot locked at one of my new spots i discovered recently casting soft vibe and large plastics around the bait was thick took awhile to get a hit but I finally got a solid take on the soft vibe, the fish went really hard in the current had my fingers crossed for a jewie but wasn't disapointed when a solid flattie came up


she measured up 65cm and a beautiful thick set fish I enjoyed watching her swim off,

we moved onto the racks to put James onto a locked drag blue lip, the rack bite was incredibly tough we did spot a coule of jacks cruising the trays which was pretty cool, I did manage a couple of average bream and reaching the end of our rack run James loaded u on a bream it gave him a solid fight


A nice fish to finish the session, being able to take James out to catch his first GT and see how pumped he was, that's what fishraiders all about 

cheers for reading 


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Cheers for the great session, I have come away with some great memories and photos. I will link my youtube video of the day later on when it is up. 

Really fun casting sp's along the banks for some good fish. 


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