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Broken Bay Wide Flathead


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We did not get an early start and the sun was nearly up as we left the river.


Tried a few spots in 40m before going out a bit deeper to around 50m  before finding them.

Picked up a few before the westerly dropped and our drift slowed, then the dreaded jackets struck, biting off hooks, sinkers and even eating my lure which I run on the top  of my 3 drop rigs sometimes.

It was a plastic prawn and they ate it all but a small piece of the body.

We have found this before, if there is enough current or wind to keep moving the jackets do not find you as easily but once the drift stops they are a menace.


With the breeze dropped we had a good run home..



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Great catch mate. Just wondering if you are catching 4 throw backs to one decent fish? I have only been fishing out there for the last 6 months of so and whilst I always come home with some nice fish, we catch TONNES of throwbacks. I have read reports of mythical areas where all the fish are 45-55cm (i.e. perfect for eating) but I haven't found these areas (yet??). What are your thoughts? Also we have tried a lot of methods to NOT catch the little ones including using good sized livies but still seem to snag them. Any advice on avoiding the throwbacks or is it just part and parcel of fishing offshore? Keen to know your thoughts (or anyone else's) on this issue. 


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The little ones you are catching are probably spikey flathead, and if a reasonable size there is no legal length and they are good eating. Just stick to the species bag limit of 10 flathead.

To increase your chances of good blue spots or marbled try to keep the drift reasonably fast and the baits whole pilchards or reasonably large. The spikeys make good baits. You need to brush up your species to identify the different species.

If you are catching more than you like try moving location, as the spikeys can be very thick.

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