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South coast trip so far.


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Headed down to the south coast about a week ago, some questionable luck with the weather, but not as bad as other parts of the east coast have had. 

Two trips out so far, once in Moruya river and once offshore. 

River trip consisted of drifting a channel casting soft plastics along the edges. Not something I'd given a proper go before, always been more of a bait fisho (in salt water anyway). 

Had some great results, using mainly 2-2.5inch grubs and paddletails, on very light gear. Hooked quite a few flathead, some landed, some lost, some released and 4 kept for dinner. 

Second outing was at sea outside Moruya today. Waited patiently over the past week and picked out moment for a bar crossing, all went smoothly both going out and back. 

Firstly headed to a reef about 5km out, again using soft plastics, larger ones on medium gear. Did half a dozen or so drifts, only to have several result in all plastics getting devoured by damn leatherjacket. Eaten down to the jig head. Bastards.

Gave up on that spot and headed back closer in, drifting the drop off about km off shore. Way more life on the sounder here, unsure of what a lot of it was at times, no interest in soft plastics, metals, jigs, but plenty of fish down there, including some big ones. 

Here we mostly caught a heap of sergeant baker and barracuda, and sadly had to end the trip earlier than we would have liked to, to head back while bar conditions were still ideal. 

Some more soggy days are predicted coming up, but we're here for almost another week so fingers crossed for another chance to head out again, especially back off shore.

Had hoped to give Montague Island a go, but the weather has made short work of that idea. The plan for this trip were to give Montague Island, Batemans Bay & Moruya a go, have at least ticked one off the list :) 

Not many pics of the outing, nor much point taking photos of sergeant baker and barracuda, but the flathead were a delight.

Stay tuned for part 2 if the weather plays nice.



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Hi Steve,

Last couple of trips I've had off Batemans Bay to the north and south have found the fish in deeper waters.  Mainly been fishing 60 - 85m deep, sounding out schools of nannygai and other bait fish.  The snapper have been sitting underneath.  No real specific area or ground holding fish, just sound out the schools and stay with them.  Snapper have been 2 to 3kg and the nannys quite big for this area, on average 500gm to 900gm.  All taken on various bait.  Hope the weather improves and you get out again.  Cheers .......... Dave

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The weather down here for the last week has been poor to bad for over a week.  Fishing the river on a better day was a good option and produced for you.

Another thing you could try would be to chase estuary perch in the Tuross river with flathead as a possible by catch. 

Here at Duras it's been raining continuous since 7 am with thunder ongoing . Good luck with the weather over the next week. 

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