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Bate Bay


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My mate is in the same boat, so to speak. No fishing for a month either like me, the swell had dropped off so we headed to Bate Bay in his boat to one of his spots, a couple of hours before sundown. A big elastic bandage on my knee seemed to help it during the night, I needed to go fishing. 🤪

We had not been there long, when underneath the boat turned yellow. A solid school of small yakkas, but they were not biting as they were being herded by schools of rat kingies. They were on the move, disappeared, back under the boat again, and I could only manage 1 to take a bait. Disappeared again and never returned.

Was not long before the slimies turned up, most of them a fair size. Cut up a few and used the bones for burley, and under the boat was solid numbers of slimies grabbing any bait thrown over. I managed to get a kingie grab a bait, but it did not stay hooked for long, so I hooked up the yakka and sent it over.

It swam about for 5 to 10 minutes, then the reel started buzzing. Hooked up, turned it back to the boat for a short time, then it headed off at full steam, no doubt a good kingie. Unstoppable then down into the rocks and gone. You could probably hear me yelling out at Katoomba. 😂

Some little kingies turned up, not much bigger than the slimies. I hooked one about 45cm long. They were following the hooked slimies and trying to grab the baits hanging from the slimies mouths.

Baits hanging just off the bottom, bouncing on the rods produced only little pickers, not a decent fish at all.

Just before full dark, the tailor turned up, the biggest only 40cm and many just over size. We threw back quite a few small ones, unless they were hooked in the eye or the gills. The tailor were wolfing down the slimie strips.  My mate pulled up the reddie, 36cm, feeding under the tailor, but no others to be caught.

We had a couple of feeds each, so headed home about 9pm. The tailor were still feeding away.


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1 hour ago, frankS said:

Bet it felt good to be back on the water and have weight on the end of your line. Been missing your reports and photos.


Yes it was good to have a fish again. The kingie had some weight on the line, but not for long enough.

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42 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Welcome back. I see you haven't lost your touch. Great report. Well done.


Thank you. Not too much wind or swell about, and a few fish for the table.

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47 minutes ago, hookerbruce said:

Good to hear you  are back on the water, and you caught fish.

I got back to Sydney yesterday, got car and van washed today. Hope to get out in the next few days.

The tailor cook up good when fresh. 

Thanks Bruce, happy to get back on the water.

A bit of swell may be cooking up over the next few days, inside will be the go.

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30 minutes ago, Restyle said:

glad to see you are able to finally get out for a fish, and have plenty of action around the boat. I always enjoy reading your reports. 

Hope you are feeling better!


Feeling better after catching a few fish !!!

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3 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Good to see you back out and about Yowie! Tailor at night are absolutely ravenous. Well, you got a feed as usual and a fishing fix, so good night out! Hope the knee is feeling better! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

Thanks Scratchie.

The knee is a little better.

For their smaller size, the tailor were smacking the baits hard, with chew marks on the line a foot or 2 above the hook. Had to retie the hook after nearly every fish.

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