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Thursday Harbour Kings


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After a previous day on the Hawkesbury catching Flatties and Jewies, I was missing the pull of noble Seriola lalndi (Yelowtail kingfish) so headed to my favourite haunt - Sydney Harbour, even though conditions were predicted to be less than Ideal. I knew fellow raider “Gordo retired” was going to be out and was going to join him at the fads chasing Dollies, but every time I rang to touch base he said “got to go - fish on” and thought he was trying to avoid me. Turned out he was right.

I had newbie Ian with me and the  day started pretty slowly with plenty of Yakkas, but very few squid. Our first drop at South head resulted in a blinding run, but busted off (shallow reef and drag not tight enough - Ian learned  a lot on Thursday).

We tried the North and God answered our prayers, boating three sub 70 kings. The smallest a baby, going 57 (photo), but put up a good account of itself. The wind picked up and seas getting sloppy so we came into Clifton Gardens and saw another fisho’ (Ross) there, who was drifting, but had no livies down. So I flicked him 6 little Yakkas (we’d used all the squid by then) and encouraged him to start a Fish Raider account. He said he often goes on, but doesn’t post anything, so Ross if you’re reading this, sign up bro and welcome aboard.

Another good day with mates in Gods great outdoors.



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Hi Pickles, 

Very nice to meet you on Thursday and thanks very much for the yellowtail, You encouraged me to sign up so here I am.

 I tried a little longer at Clifton with no luck so I went out to the old man's hat,  few drifts with the livies and hooked a couple of hard fighting 60cm kings, great fun but no dinner.

Collected my crab pots from Rose Bay later and only 1 female with eggs returned. Has been very poor with crabs this year, not sure why?

Cheers Ross


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