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Snowy trip


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Finally time (this week) came for annual 'summer' Snowy family trip. Usually it is 3 days of daily hiking in the mountains till last kitchen in Jindabyne is still open. Cold and wet early mornings are fully at my disposal and obviously used for fishing. Every visit I try something different, and this time (after spending a bit of time on YouTube and FB alpine fishing blogs) I decided to concentrate on minnow style HBs. First morning was at river in Jindy area  - after a number of casts and trying  over half dozen of various HBs - finally got something on a line in a deeper river section, and after 3 sec of real fun - lost a 25-30cm brown trout.  Met 2 excited fishos from the coast though. 2nd morning - Jindy lake -  a bit of a walk along the shore,  plenty of casting to deeper parts (I just hope Navionics was right)  and just a few young lure followers. 3rd morning (shorter session due to hotel checkout) at river again, however most casting done close to structure - plenty of followers, 2 fish lost,  and finally nice 27cm brown trout landed on a black gold HB, and then released back into the river. Time to pack stuff,  checkout, more hiking and long drive back to Sydney.








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Great to see that you managed to get away for a spot of fishing. A beautiful part of NSW to visit too, for a spot of fishing and hiking. Nice Brown Trout and excellent photos to capture the wildlife and scenery of the region. Look forward to catching up next time I visit the big smoke. Cheers, bn

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Looks like a great weekend away 👍


When I was working down there used to regularly see some huge fish(60cm+) sitting in the eddy side of the Thredbo river bridge pylons over Koszy rd. Watched a show(cant remember the name of the guy right now, Renner maybe?) & he fished just up from the picinic area at the same place & was getting plenty of fish.


Also when I used to ride my Mtn bike in the park crossing some tiny streams over little wooden bridges in the smallest amount of water, its amazing where they can get to.


I used to fish the mouth of the Thredbo, more just for some piece & qiuet.

Got a nice 40cm rainbow there one day on a tassie devil, hot smoked it, beautiful 👨‍🍳


Such a nice place to chill out :thumbup:

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Couple of nice fish, and a change of scenery from the Sydney coast.

Years ago I saw a kid fishing in the creek in Tumbarumba township with worms, and he had 2 trout around the 45cm mark.

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