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A reluctant dawn would best describe conditions when I set off during the week from Berowra Waters boat ramp. I knew the sun was up but it was still half dark , totally overcast and very wet.

 Caught some tailor for live bait on the run and to give the menu variety added half a dozen mullet from the bays.

If I am heading up to the river in the kayak I spend more time paddling than actually fishing and decided to spend the day in Berowra Waters which offered some shelter from the weather.

Midmorning on the rising tide caught a 75cm jewfish on tailor just a few meters from the rocks.

Followed that up with a 50cm jewfish on mullet and was able to unhook him without taking him out of the water. Left him with a promise to see him again in 5 years time.

The final throw of the dice was a 61cm flathead on mullet with the ebb well underway.

Back at the ramp by 5.00pm as the heavens opened again and the rain got really serious. 




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