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breaming with by-catch

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With my bit of success last week and a mutual day off, My good mate and collegue Andrew hit me up for a session on his boat, I didn't have to be asked twice. It pretty much poured all the night before but my good old deckee app had me confidant the rain would stop just in time for us to hit the water. Turned into a beautiful morning the water was a bit coloured from the rain but still relatively clear. We wasted no time shooting up river and hitting the edges.

Started out hopping plastics down the steep structured edges and it didn't take long to put a fish on the board,


a nice bream to bust the doughnut, it certainly wasn't a hot bite but we were getting enough acton to keep us interested. As we got onto some of the newer snags from the recent floods the bream really fired up


we ended up with quite a lot in this high 20's size range.

The aim of the day was to find the GT's which were frustratingly elusive, the water was only 19 degrees so we didn't even bother with jacks. We hit some very promising looking GT trees, for a few bream and flathead on some edges but the only sign of a GT was a pulled hook on a presumed small one.

Working a nice steep bank my plastic gets slammed at speed the fish runs for the sticks then arcs around out into the river, no doubt a finally a quality GT Andy wastes no time driving the boat out in the middle, the fish plays deep with big tail thumps with plenty of weight I knew this was the GT we wanted took awhile on 6 lb but eventually my GT was coming up, nearly fainted when the GT hit the net and turned out to be red


still can't believe it, 44cm of red satan on a 2.5inch grub with 6lb braid and leader 


my first for 2021

After my heart rate settled we ket casting for more bream and flatties


They're just not the same after a jack, we never did find the GT's but we'll track them down.

With the water looking good hopefully it's a sign of quality fishing to come 

cheers for reading 



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