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Fishing at Callala Beach


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Hi everyone. 
New here. I’m planning a holiday during Winter for a weekend away. I’m hoping to get down to Callala Beach to try some beach fishing. Planning to go bait fishing but throw some metal lures too for some tailor or salmon. Anyone caught anything off the beach before? And any tips for a new beach fisher? 
thank you! 

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Welcome to the forum.

I haven't fished that location inside JB  but I would see it as a possible decent spot for bream, whiting & small snapper.

Personally when I go fishing anywhere I like to take a mixture of everything including SP's, top water lures like poppers & different metals.

Have a great holiday :thumbup:

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Whiting around there are pretty big, use worms with a longshank hook leave about 1 - 2 cm of worm hanging freely from the hook to wave in the current I have found best. Try off around the rocks either side of the beach to 

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