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Inner West Salmon


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If you're up early enough lately there's been a preponderance of jelly prawns stacked up along the edges of most of the bays throughout the Parramatta River - as a result there's been some good size schools of Oz Salmon / Kahawai cruising the shallows during the low light periods.  

I've managed to land at least a couple per session over the past 2 weeks.  All in that 2-4kg mark - Solid fish.  

Seems like they behave a bit differently in each respective bay.  Sometimes they're really timid and picky, other bays they seem to be a bit less discerning.  I've had a couple of those sessions recently where the bite is so hot, you find yourself digging through the tackle box for random lures to see if they'll still eat it.  

So far I've had them on - 

Small grub tail SP's

Small minnow SP's

Large jerkshad SP's between 5-6"

Little blades

Large and small poppers of various brands

Sugapen style mini stickbaits

I even managed to track them up one of the stormwater canals and pulled a couple out of there.  No guarantees though - found a load of them yesterday and 8 of us were casting everything under the sun at them for 2+ hrs and no-one got a hookup 🤷‍♂️

I'm more and more surprised that there's no Kings hunting the same grounds.  Especially since anytime I've hooked a salmon or decent Tailor around Pyrmont or east of the bridge there's 3 Kings chasing it to the rod tip trying to get the lure out of its mouth.

Get out there and get you some my land based brethren.

Tight lines!



Not great photos.  There's a couple of vids on my instagram - @n_iallcameron



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Haha yeah I’ve only ever stumbled on them in picky mode, but they show up everywhere the prawns are.


I thought I had one on a vibe last week, but it was a big Trev that must’ve been following them around. No complaints there!

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