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Scorpion home at last


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Well time has dragged on and with restrictions in force I decided it was time to pick up my boat and bring it home from the workshop after having engine service done and blue slip for trailer.

It's been in the work shop for over 3 weeks and has been ready the past 2 weeks. I have been scared to travel to pick it up but assured by a police officer that I would be allowed to pick it up providing I done it by myself and wore a mask at all times.

Now I can at least do a bit of work on it to get it ready for when restrictions are lifted.

Need to make rocket launcher, live bait tank, rear cutting board with tackle storage, fit 27 mgs radio ( remove am/fm radio ) , modified glove boxes, need to modify trailer to suit my needs but have to register boat and trailer before I can take it and put boat in water to work on trailer. Fitting Electric motor will be quiet a task and will need some planning , buy and fit sounder/GPS , new fire extinguisher 1.1/2 kg, re-do all wiring, as well as a heap of other little jobs around the boat so it will be ready for my style of fishing.

I will show pictures of what I make as I make them, first up probably Bait board,.





With all things I do , it won't be done in any rush, so patience will be needed.


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Ideal Frank. Perfect timing too. You will have plenty of time under lockdown conditions to get the rest of your projects done. Should be all ready for you to get out in when the weather starts to warm up too. As you say, patience will be the order of the day. Good luck with it, look forward to seeing the progress. Neil

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14 hours ago, dunc333 said:

goonna look good Frank ,cant wait to see your home made  rocket launchers

Won't be anything fancy about the launcher. Not sure yet if I will make them from alloy or Stainless steel. 

Will be just 6 or 7 holders angled on 2 x pieces of tubing and bent at top/sides and coming down to gunwale on slight angle and spread to suit existing plastic brackets.

I will place flood light and possibly anchor light amid the x member section and run the wires down through the tube to a power source .


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